The Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network derives from the many families World Wide whom have suffered from Shaken Baby Syndrome.  The grief associated with the loss of a child due to SBS, or caring for a child who is a survivor, can be strenous on a family and we, as a network of families we are here to help each other.

There are many organizations in the U.S. and overseas that offer help to all situations, and our mission is to help families with support of other families whom have been through a comparable situation.  

This website is for families of SBS by families of SBS.  No one knows what it is like on this SBS journey truely like another family that has been touched by SBS.  We are here to support and help each other. 


Chief Executive Officer- Rachel Sumner ( (Mother to Madilyne Wentz, SBS Victim age 10 months), Founded the Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network in memory of her daughter Madilyne, Board of Directors, Little Rock Chapter Parents of Murdered Children; Public Speaker and Advocate for Child Abuse/SBS Prevention and Awareness; Founder, Madilyne Wentz Foundation.

President - Angela Cook (  (Cousin to Michael Blair, SBS Victim age 4), Graphic Designer, Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network; Co-Founded the Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network to honor Michael and the legacy he left to share.

Vice President - Kim Morelock (  (Grandmother to Dominic Morelock, SBS Survivor) Fundraising Consultant, and Event Coordinator

Secretary- Sue Sumner (Grandmother to Madilyne Wentz, SBS Victim age 10 months), Advocate and Family Support Director, SBS Support Network.

Treasurer- Tonya Harp (Stepmother to Kassica Ashley Harp, SBS Victim), Financial Supporter, and Child Advocate

Vice President of Education - Steffany DeWitt (  (Mother to Dominic Morelock, SBS Survivor) Public Educator, SBS Support Network, School Systems in Ohio.

Network Administrator: - Tara Mitchell ( (Mother to Kyle Mitchell, SBS Survivor) Organizational contact, SBS Support Network; Founder of; Public Educator, Prevention of SBS

Director of Marketing and Family Support – Lisa Gilbert ( (Mother to Riley Gilbert, SBS Survivor)

Investigation Specialist - Crystal Wilson (Mother to Camryn Wilson, SBS Victim)

Newsletter Coordinator - Bonnie Bowers (Grandmother to Miranda Joy Raymond, SBS Victim)

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