Personalized Ribbon Window Decal

$ 8.50 USD

This window decal is weatherized for your car, and personalized for your child's name.  They are made to order, and will be shipped in 5-7 business days.  Please be sure to include your child's name on your payment in the comment section of paypal payment screen.

Explicit Window Decal/Bumper Sticker

$ 5.50 USD

4in x 6in weatherized window decal or bumper sticker. All prices include shipping

Who's watching your child Window Decal/Bumper Sticker

$ 6.50 USD

4in x 12in weatherized window decal or bumper sticker. All prices include shipping.

*please note this decal is larger, the price increased to accommodate shipping prices*

1 Ticket for SBS Race

$ 1.00 USD


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These new decals can be personalized with your child's name! Please ensure when purchasing you send in your child's name for the decal through paypal, or send in through email to Rachel. Once put on the vehicle you will not see the white box, just the letters and ribbon are outlined in white. They are $8.50 per decal, and cheaper if purchased in quantities over 15. To obtain a quote on quantities over 15, please email Rachel directly at Please click the paypal button below to purchase, or if you are experiencing problems, submit payment through paypal by sending the amount to *Please note, shipping over seas does increase the price, however not by much. If you are overseas and are ordering, please contact Rachel prior to ordering via paypal. Don't have paypal and want to mail in payment?
Please make check or money order out to : Rachel Sumner and mail payment to: Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network PO BOX 21693 Little Rock, AR 72221

 SBS Race Car Contest!!

 August 1st to October 1st!!!

 What is it for? Well it is a chance for all the families WORLD WIDE to have the opportunity to have your childs name (Shaken Baby Syndrome Victim/Survivor) on our race car! The information you would like, along with their picture will appear on the race car May-September 2011! This contest will last for 60 days, starting NOW! You do not have to register your child, however if voting FOR a child you do need the parent/guardian's permission to do so :)

Each vote = $1.00 (There is a purchase option for (1) SBS Race Ticket, you enter quantity for amount of votes once you go to your cart) and is purchased with tickets of the quantity you choose via paypal. Don't have paypal? Thats ok! Mail in your votes! Our mailing address is on the website on the contact us page as well!***Please make sure you input Childs name in comment section on paypal or in envelope you mail to us!!!!**** All votes will be tallied by a 3rd party whom does not have a child in the contest, and is not directly affected by SBS. This will ensure voting is done correctly, and then will be counted by our judges panel to verify the votes as well.

What could be even more exciting??! The Shaken Baby Syndrome Support Network will be sponsoring * at least* 25 laps at the Toledo Ohio Speedway in honor of your child as well! Below you will find all the information regarding any questions you may have, and you can always contact Mama Kim or Steffany for racing questions!

Kim Morelock -
Steffany DeWitt -

Pictures of the car will be posted on the website no later than August 10th for viewing!Below is the information on who drives the car, how is the car sponsored, and any additional information that has been inquired about via questions through email.

Driver - Denny L. Morelock Sr.
Purchaser of race car: Automated Drainage System
Races all over, mainly in Waynesville Ohio
Is sponsored by numerous local and national companies
Racing season is May to September
Racing: Modified, on a dirt track (REAL racing :))

Let's get the voting started!!! Start your ENGINES!!!
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