Daniellas story
 - By mommy Linda 
This is the story about little Daniella from Sweden.

When little Daniella was five weeks old her big brother then 5 years old got very sick in fever. Her brother needed her mommy very much then so her father was taking care for her upstairs while her mommy cared for her sick brother.

What her mommy did not know was that her father might got very frustrated when she woke up at night and crying.

One morning little Daniella started to vomit allot she vomit all the day after her mommy breastfeeding her so her mommy got worried and took her to the hospital.

The doctor said that it was just stomach disorder but her mommy and her got to stay at the hospital for 4 days.

One week later her mommy was in the stable with a friend when her father called her mommy in with fear in his voice.

Her mommy run in to the house and her father laid little Daniella lifeless in her mommy’s arms and said that she just stopped breathing.
What really happen that afternoon he has never told.

Her mommy gave her mouth to mouth and heart massage while she waiting for ambulance to come it took 20 minutes and Daniella was not taking one breath on her own in those 20 minutes it was so very long minutes.

When the ambulance arrived they gave her oxygen and she slowly came back to life.
At the hospital the find out that she had suffer 7 broken ribs 2 bleeding in her brain and brain damage and the doctor said that she must have been shaking violently 2 or 3 times.

At the hospital Daniella could not eat her self .she was to tied and vomit a lot and she had no control of her eyes.

Now is Daniella 2 years old she is no longer late in her development, she survived she’s is a true miracle and her mommy thank god every day for her little girl.

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